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Crucible 1 and Crucible 2

Crucible: a) a pot in which substances are heated to a very high temperature or melted; b) a difficult test or challenge; c) a place or situation that forces people to change or make difficult decisions.

The Moses Cone Cancer Center, an outpatient part of Wesley Long Hospital in Greensboro, NC, now houses Crucible 1 and Crucible 2 side by side on a prominent wall in their lobby. The staff there and I are all happy we were able to reunite them, even in 2021 in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Together these two sculptures tell a healing story that is relevant to cancer patients, their families, caregivers, and visitors.

Crucible 1 is the largest sculpture I’ve made–6′ wide x 4′ high. It grew out of big explosive feelings of chaos, pain, fear, and I suppose rage as I worked through family Holocaust trauma years ago. A very skilled therapist held a safe space for me which made it possible to do this internal work. Thus the sculpture’s turbulent center with jutting, angular shapes is held reassuringly by larger, flat, calm shapes all around the edge (the crucible).

After my internal storm passed, I created Crucible 2 with gentler, calmer energy moving through the middle; the container around its edges hold it more lightly. It’s also smaller, 2′ 6″ wide x 3′ 9″ high, and lighter in color.

My wish is that, for those in treatment going through their own challenging tumultuous journeys and possibly trauma, these sculptures will convey hope that peace and healing can return.

Testimonial from Karin Brown, who has spent a lot of time with Crucible 1: “This is a stunning work of art full of power, offering reassurance and strength to its viewers. And I’m glad to see that together, these two sculptures reflect the transformative process of healing. I can think of no better permanent home for them than a cancer treatment center. They’re perfect to lift those on challenging journeys. Especially now in this fraught moment.”

Crucible 1 Reunited with Crucible 2!