For Homes


2′ w x 1′ 6″ h

The California owner of “Eruption” commissioned his sculpture from a distance after seeing my work in Indiana. The assignment was a certain size piece with dark woods, for someone who loves mountains, lakes, and green meadows. Other than that he trusted me to follow my nose. I found an interesting piece of wood that wanted to be the sculpture’s focus, and built the rest around it, with the theme of lava flowing out of a mountain crater down into the landscape below.

We found a good spot for “Eruption” (I didn’t know I’d get an explosive name with all that lumber); it will be on a wall in the living room right opposite the entrance, so everybody will see it. I’m very pleased with your art. Especially considering we’ve never met, you did great!

And later he wrote: Your sculpture occupies a place of honor in our home. It’s right opposite the front door and the first thing any visitor sees. We get lots of compliments about it, and we really enjoy looking at it and describing how we acquired it.