For Homes

Living Dune

4’5″ w x 3’5″ h

This client lived in the sand dunes right at the Lake Michigan shore, in an unusual house she and her husband designed. She wanted shapes from the dunes and from a native reed she loved represented in the large sculpture she commissioned. I designed it to mount on the exterior of her house next to the entrance, with bolts through the wall so it could not be stolen.

This was one of just a couple sculptures I made for exterior installation, before realizing that outdoor wood sculptures take too much maintenance for owners to keep up with – even when a sculpture is under an eave or its own little roof. Sun, rain, mildew, birds pecking and squirrels chewing – all take their toll. I no longer make sculptures for exterior sites.

The client says: I have such a warm feeling of pleasure each time I pull into the drive and see it there beside the door. I really consider it a unique ornament, on a unique house.