For Individuals Germination Series

Germination Series

Growing as a person and as an artist, Elana explored the theme of germination, using mostly maple wood to develop organic shapes of seed pods, sprouting, and growing. This series is not yet complete; she got as far as seeds and a few versions of sprouts, when she received a commission for a full-blown, mature tree growing up the wall of a home. Then she received another commission for a smaller “Family Tree.” There are gaps to fill in this series! If you are moved to commission a sculpture of seeds sprouting, or a shoot, tendril, sprig, seedling or sapling, please call Elana right away.

  • Seeds (2′ 8″ w x 2′ 8″ h) – The sculpture is so vibrant and warm it seems alive to me. It seems not to be a set of separate pieces of wood but a whole, an organic whole new piece of wood with grains and colors merging and meshing in a beautiful new way.
  • Sprouting 1 (3′ w x 4′ h) – Elana’s mosaic is a multisensory feast. It’s sensual to touch and alluring to the eye.
  • Sprouting 5 (1′ 6″ w x 2′ 3″ h) – We have one of the “Sprouting” sculptures from Elana’s “Germination series.” It’s amazing. The beautiful wood adds warmth to the room. It’s so soothing to live with; it has a flow. We and our guests enjoy the organic nature of the design. It brings an essence of the outside natural world into our home. People who visit us notice it right away and they want to talk about it.
  • Growing (3′ 7″ w x 6′ 10″ h) – The assignment here was to design a tree for a wall with inherent challenges: air vents and an opening to another room. The tree was to grow around and over these obstacles, and remind the owner of a key theme in her life. Here she is:

 My challenge is to work optimistically with what seem to be obstacles in my life. The mosaic wooden tree you made for me, gracefully growing up and over the opening to the dining room and sending both roots and branches around the wall vents, greets me in my house entryway. It gives me a boost every time I see it, more somehow than a two-dimensional picture would. It is so real, has such a strong physical presence. I meditate in front of it. It connects me with nature even when I spend the day indoors. It centers me and reminds me that I, like that tree, am resilient, have deep roots, and can reach for the sky.